Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path

by Anwesha Sarkar

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path? yes. There are numerous job opportunities in a wide range of industries thanks to consumer durables, so there is plenty of potential for careers to start and develop.

This industry deals with non-consumable goods like electronics, furniture, cars, and appliances that are made to last for roughly three years. Therefore, there are many employment prospects in consumer durables, notably for engineers, designers, marketers, and manufacturers.

Know About Consumer Durables

End products that consumers buy include consumer durables. Durable items do not require as frequent purchases because they are designed to be used and reused again over extended periods of time. Cars and other types of transportation, electronics, tools, jewelry, and appliances are a few examples of consumer durables. Contrasted with consumer services like health care and financial planning, consumer non-durable commodities like food and dish soap are available immediately.

Typically, the cost of durable goods is higher than the cost of non-durable ones. Economic expansion is typically indicated by expenditures on durable goods. Just before a recession, shoppers typically cease buying durable goods.

The design, production, and sale of items and appliances that endure longer than three years are all impacted by the work that consumer durables industry employees do. These consist of bicycles, cookware, TVs, and air conditioners.

And, this opens the pathway for many jobs.

Qualification For Starting a Career in Consumer Durables

  • A bachelor’s degree is required. The most popular degrees include those in engineering, business, design, and marketing.
  • Secondly, you’ll be better prepared for success in consumer durables if you earn an MBA or a master’s in engineering.
  • Additionally, a professional certificate is a cherry on top.

Perks in Consumer Durables Careers

  • You’ll get to use your critical thinking abilities to create services and procedures that improve people’s lives, whether it’s how to bake their cookies more evenly or how to transport their kids to school safely.
  • Large worldwide brands are prevalent among manufacturers of consumer durables. Although some people don’t like working for large companies, these positions frequently offer excellent benefits and prospects for advancement within the same organization.
  • Employment stability is another bonus.

Highest Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

Job Name

Annual Salary

Product Brand Manager


Electronics Engineer


Computer Engineer


Engineer In Robotics


1. Product Brand Manager

To maintain consistency and relevance with consumers, businesses need product brand managers. In an effort to maintain the competitiveness of their products and ensure that they are a good representation of the brand, this includes everything from quality control and packaging design to market and competition research.

Product brand managers frequently come from marketing, advertising, or public relations backgrounds, so if you have strong analytical abilities, are a great communicator, and are good with numbers, you might succeed in this field.

$101,000 as the average yearly salary.

2. Electronics Engineer

As their name suggests, electronic engineers create electronic systems. Cars, TVs, and even washing machines all employ these systems. As a result, these experts have many employment options in consumer durables.

If you are skilled at math and physics and like working with codes and small wires and switches, this might be a job for you. In this line of work, creativity and problem-solving abilities are also crucial.

$101,200 is the average annual salary.

3. Computer Engineer

For everything from laptops and smartphones to TVs, vehicles, and appliances, computer engineers create and develop computer programs. You might be shocked by how many of the equipment and appliances in your home already have computer chips incorporated into them; each one was created by a computer engineer.

You might appreciate this career if you have a natural aptitude for understanding how computers operate and are skilled at building effective solutions to address issues or accomplish objectives.

$97,000 is the average yearly salary.

4. Engineer In Robotics

You might be shocked to learn how many robotics systems are employed not only in the equipment used to produce the electronics and appliances you buy but also in the appliances and technology you already own. Engineers in robotics are thus required in the consumer durables sector.

Robotics engineers create and program robots to carry out certain tasks, so if you excel in math and science, possess strong analytical abilities, and find working with machines interesting, you might want to investigate this career path.

$89,000 is the average yearly salary.

5. Engineer in Quality Assurance

Before items are made available to the general public, quality assurance (QA) engineers design and implement testing processes to find flaws in software or other products. These engineers guarantee the security of automobiles, the efficacy of smart TV operating systems, and the non-leakage after-use of dishwashers.

These engineers typically need to be adept at coding and computer engineering, and in other cases, they can also need to have knowledge of mechanical or electronics engineering. This could be a wonderful career choice for you if you appreciate using strategy, coming up with original solutions, and working with numbers and science.

$86,000 is the average annual salary.

6. Automotive Engineer

To create durable, effective devices, auto, and motor firms need engineers. These experts may work on the machine as a whole or they may concentrate on a specific component, such as the engine, aerodynamics, or safety.

Mathematical, scientific, and problem-solving aptitude are requirements for automotive engineers. They must also be proficient at working both individually and collaboratively with others, as they frequently must collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to finish tasks.

$72,000 is the average yearly salary.


So the answer to the question is consumer durables a good career path is yes, Because so many new products are being introduced to the market, the consumer durables industry is one that is incredibly profitable to enter. There are always prospects and opportunities for advancement and to be at the top of your game, you just need to stay current with trends.

Working in the consumer goods sector may present you with a chance to enhance your career and/or provide you with the ideal opportunity to increase your income.

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