Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path – Detailed Guide

by Anwesha Sarkar

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path? Yes, it is, There is no reason to believe that the burgeoning market for air freight services would reverse itself very soon. Air freight may be a great career opportunity for you if you are interested in logistics and transportation.

In a variety of industries, from huge organizations to small enterprises to individuals needing products sent internationally promptly and effectively, air freight and delivery services are used. So almost in all industries, Air Freight Delivery Services are required.

Even if e-commerce has recently slowed down due to globalization, a complete turnaround is not anticipated because demand for air freight and delivery services is still rising. In reality, the sector is worth billions of dollars annually and is predicted to grow over the next five years. As per research and markets Global air freight increased by 20%

Basic Requirements to Start a Job In Air Freight/Delivery Services

  • A high school diploma is all that is needed for some jobs, but others also require an air freight transportation certificate.
  •  College degrees in particular fields, like logistics, may be required for higher-level employment opportunities.
  • Those who can operate machines, such as a pallet jack, are needed for other occupations. All professions within the sector require workers to demonstrate a strong understanding of safety and time management.

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path – Jobs  and Advantages

Let’s check some of the high-paying jobs in Air Freight/Delivery Services and their advantages.

High Paying Careers in Air Freight/Delivery Services

Job Name

Annual Salary

Freight Forwarder


Logistics Operations Manager For Freight


Supervisor Of Aircraft Cargo Handling


Transport Broker


Transport Agent


Handler of Freight


1. Freight Forwarder

  • Range of annual salaries: $43,042 to $77,059
  • Hourly Rate Approximation: $21 to $37
  • Communication, negotiating, organization, bookkeeping, and IT literacy are required core competencies.

The entire transportation process is overseen by freight forwarders from beginning to end. Typically, the job description includes:

  • Coordinating with the appropriate parties to arrange for appropriate arrangements.
  • Price negotiating.  
  • Coordinating transportation and obtaining insurance. 
  • Making of documentation. 
  • Preparing storage facilities.
  •  The management of records using IT systems.
  •  The majority of freight brokers don’t require more schooling than a high school diploma. But some do have higher degrees, and because of their education, these professionals might have greater duties at work.

2. Logistics Operations Manager For Freight

  • Range of annual salaries: $64,202 to $77,928
  • Hourly Rate Approximation: $31 to $37
  • People management, leadership, compliance, customer relationship management, and organization are essential core competencies.

A freight logistics operations manager will collaborate with personnel and other parties to manage warehouse facilities, including scheduling delivery drivers and making sure everyone is carrying out their duties in accordance with standards. Although the warehousing staff is very helpful in this function, it is the responsibility of the freight operations manager to ensure that processes are efficient and errors are prevented through people management.

3. Supervisor Of Aircraft Cargo Handling

  • Range of annual salaries: $38,830 to $82,450
  • Median Hourly Rate Assumed: $25.74
  • Core Capabilities Required: High-level communication abilities, the capacity to identify and address inconsistencies, great attention to detail, and computer expertise, particularly with data entry and processing

An “aircraft loadmaster” is another name for a supervisor of air cargo handling. This person is in charge of managing staffing requirements, security measures, and shipment loading and unloading. They frequently work as members of the emergency response team and cargo monitoring team while the aircraft is in flight.

4. Transport Broker

  • Range of annual salaries: $30,020 to $69,450
  • Hourly Rate Assumed: $37.18
  • Required Core Competencies: Negotiation, sales, accounting, keen attention to detail, communication, and IT literacy 

In order to reduce expenses and increase sales while upholding all necessary requirements, a freight broker identifies and acquires freight options. They serve as a go-between for coordinating loading and drop-offs and keep track of the progress of every order they place. In order to identify and acquire the best offers, freight brokers must keep track on industry trends and maintain order records.

5. Transport Agent

  • Range of annual salaries: $36,317 to $49,594
  • Hourly Rate Approximation: $17 to $24
  • Required Core Competencies: Attention to detail, planning, negotiating, and communication are essential skills.

Coordination of imports and exports between airlines and terminals falls under the purview of an air freight agent. They keep track of deliveries as they come in and route shipments while doing so. To communicate with clients and negotiate financial rates, a person must have excellent oral communication and customer service skills. College degrees and certifications in health and safety are advantageous for the position.

6. Handler of Freight

  • $47,470 in average annual salary
  • Hourly Rate Approximation: $18.67
  • Required Core Competencies: Organization, communication, detail-orientedness, adherence to health and safety regulations, and IT knowledge

Incoming and departing freight is handled by freight handlers. Transportation of commodities, record-keeping, and ensuring safety requirements are among the main duties. Freight handlers work with machinery, thus driving and operating vehicles like forklifts frequently call for certification. Organization, communication, and fundamental computer abilities are crucial for the position.

Advantages Of working in Air Freight/Delivery Services

These are the main advantages of working on Air freight delivery. After reading these advantages you can understand why is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path.  We have listed only a few but these are the main ones.

  • Increasing Business Climate

The transportation industry is expanding as a result of the rise in global trade. Therefore, companies may easily access nations that create cheaper items.

So, container shipping gets bigger and bigger, and technology keeps getting better. 

  • Discover New Cultures

For those who enjoy traveling and meeting new people, working in the air freight delivery industry can be gratifying. They relish the thrill of conversing with individuals from various cultures.

Additionally, this aids them in understanding the particular logistical difficulties that their nation or region faces.

  • Travel Possibility

Travel is necessary for some delivery and air freight vocations, such as air freight pilot. Air freight/delivery services are a fantastic career choice for you if you enjoy the notion of traveling to distant places.


Hope you understand why Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path. A long-term career in the air freight delivery services sector can be extremely rewarding. It is an excellent option for someone interested in the business and transportation sectors because of the high earning potential as employees gain expertise and climb the corporate ladder.

Those who are interested in pursuing one of the aforementioned occupations might go online for chances and training. It’s important to update your resume, write a cover letter, and practice your interview techniques if you want to increase your chances of getting hired.

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