AI Content Disclaimer

At our goal is to provide our readers with helpful, accurate and useful content. While we believe in the potential of AI to assist with certain tasks, we want to be fully transparent about how we use it.

The core research, facts and writing of all our articles are done by our human editors and writers. We do not use AI to generate article topics or content. However, we do leverage AI in the following ways:

  • Grammar and spelling correction – Our editors write all content, but we use AI services to catch grammatical errors and typos. This helps us deliver polished, readable articles.
  • Formatting – We use AI tools to properly format articles, including setting up appropriate headings, text styling and image placement.

We believe this measured approach allows us to benefit from AI’s strengths while maintaining the human touch and oversight on all content. Our writers and editors closely review all AI suggestions and corrections before publishing.

If you ever have questions about our use of AI or feedback on our content, please contact us at [email protected]. We value transparency with our readership and aim to improve through your insights. Thank you for reading!

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