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hvac salary

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An HVAC Salary technician installs, maintains, and fixes heating, air conditioning, and the refrigeration systems. It is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation, or air conditioning.” It is an alternative but its less common abbreviation is HVACR.

Someone who works in this profession might specialize in installation, or in fixing and repairing. Some technicians concentrate on only one kind of system, either heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration. Some others provide a wide range of services.

HVAC Salry Technician Duties And Responsibilities :

These are some technical job duties taken from the online advertisement for HVAC technician jobs found on websites.

  • Oversee installations -Troubleshoot and fix HVAC equipment and machines. 
  • Apply local HVAC codes in a practical manner on every job.
  • Provide some excellent customer service or experiences.
  • Provide technical support in this occupation.
  • Collaborate with the sales and engineering to build new product definitions responsive to customer wants and market opportunities.
  • Trying to Layout, design, and make low-voltage wiring.
  • Run after-hours calls as needed.

HVAC Salary:

This profession offers respectable pay that covers a lot of expenses.  HVAC salary per month highlights are given below. The city of US Washington has the highest average HVAC salary Reddit.  The HVAC salary per hour in Washington is about $32.00. 

  • Median Annual HVAC Salary per month is 47,610 dollars or  $22.89 per hour.
  • Top 10 percent Annual HVAC Salary is More than 76,230 dollars or $36.65 per hour.
  • Bottom 10 percent Annual HVAC Salary is Less than 29,460 dollars and $14.16 per hour.

Education, Training, And Certification:

You will need formal training to work as an HVAC technician.


Most employers prefer to hire employees who have received post-secondary instruction at a trade or reputed technical school. The United States Armed Forces also provide HVAC training.


Employers will also recruit candidates who have completed a 3 to 5 years paid apprenticeship. 

Apprentices obtain their skills both in the classroom and in the workplace. 


Many states and localities needed that HVAC technicians be licensed. Usually, it refers to passing a written test.

hvac salary per hour

hvac salary per hour

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HVAC Technician Skills And Competencies:

Moreover, to the technical skills you will attain through formal training, special soft skills and personal qualities can contribute to your success in this profession.

Listening: It is essential that you fully understand what customers are telling you about their problems so you can solve their problems.

Speaking: you will have to be capable to articulately and clearly sharing information with your colleagues and customers.

Time management: Meeting the demands of a busy schedule means trying to manage your time well.

Critical thinking: This will permit you to weigh different solutions to a problem and select the best one.

Physical strength and dexterity: You should be capable to easily lift up to 50 lbs. and Be capable to carry and move heavier items, either with help or right devices.

The technicians should also have clean records of driving  and a valid driving license because this job often involves traveling from one location to another location. You should be capable of passing a drug screen and the background check.

Job Outlook:

The job outlook for this occupation is excellent. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment will rise much faster than the average for all professions through at least 2026, by about 15 percent. It has been assigned as a “Bright Outlook” profession for this reason.

That said, HVAC technicians who specialize in new installations can be somewhat reliant upon the rate of new construction activity in various areas.

Work Environment:

Most HVAC technicians of HVAC works for construction contractors, but about one out of 10 are self-employed persons. The included Work environments are schools, hospitals, business sites, offices, homes, and other multiple locations in the same day. You might be appointed to an ongoing job site, or make service calls to different locations on daily basis. 

Most  of the work happened indoors, but this job can also involve outdoor work, sometimes in the tough weather.

Work Schedule

Typically, the Jobs are  full-time. Also,  overtime can be needed during busy times of the year like in the dead of winter or at the peak of summer. Working evenings, weekends, and holidays can be needed in emergency situations, specifically if you are self-employed and a customer needs Quick assistance.

hvac salary

hvac salary


Hope this blog helps you to learn about HVAC. Including HVAC salary, tech duties and responsibilities and other major details. Thanks for reading this blog, have a good day!


What state of the US pays the  HVAC salary per month?

The state of US Washington has the highest average salary. The HVAC salary per hour in Washington is around 32.00 dollars.

Is HVAC a tough job?

It can be a stressful job at times, especially during the peak season that is May  to September.

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