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by Anwesha Sarkar
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What Is Career Counselling for Students

At a certain point in time, it is only you who need to understand yourself to take your first step towards achieving your career goals. Overall guidance constituting career counselling for students is hence necessary to understand how you should proceed in academics and your long-term career. 

Herein, Career Junction is highly honoured to give the students a helping hand in channelling their path towards a successful career. If you are confused about How To Choose A career or what courses to choose? This guide is for you. 

Below listed are some of the astonishing benefits of career counselling for students in their prospects.

Benefits Of Career Counselling For Students

  • Helps in creating more options and preferences for career selection
  • Learning varied skill sets that are relevant 
  • Broadening perspectives in the domain of interest
  • Developing expertise in complex work 

What Are The Steps Involved in Career Counselling

From taking Initial Consultation to Final Counselling, there are several Steps involved in the process of Career Counselling.

1 – Taking Psychometric Test

Our guiding board of counsellors advises the students from 8th-12th mainly in selecting the educational pipeline. On the other hand, job aspirants are mainly guided by the objective of career counselling for students. Psychometric tests are what we rely on for the students to understand their mental ground, philosophy, psychology and proper way of decision-making using logical & practical reasoning. 

2 – Report Downloading And Analysis

Once You have completed the test you can download the test and analyze it. It gives you complete details about yourself, Like what are your interests, your main abilities, Your behaviour Patterns and Other details.

3 – Counselling Sessions

With all reports data and your current situation, Our Experts can suggest you the best Career options for you. Like what courses you have to take, which colleges you have to go to and what companies you can apply to for jobs.

How Career Counselling Helps Students

The cherry on top of the cake is confidence development through psychological management. This is where our counsellors could help the students in dismantling the discomfort amongst candidates in selecting their career grounds. Career specialisation via career counselling is two of the major mottos that we consider while communicating with the students.

However, it is a complete decision of the students to choose their paths towards career-building and this is where we act as masons to help them build the foundation. The guidance will be through providing viable education, career and job options with strategies in choosing from those options. 

A career counselling program is established by our counsellors starting from the psychometric test to virtual career guidance with face-to-face communication in certain states of India. It is our utmost confidence to nurture the education of the children through achieving career goals with the help of understanding the needs of the children. 

An overall process will be done under the consideration and special guidance of our counsellors using a 1:1 live session virtually.

An overall progress report will be provided by the counsellors to the child’s parents who are studying in the schools and universities. A diagnostic report will be sent thereby which will be deemed as a shred of proper evidence about the career growth. 

Self-analysis is what is required by many youngsters who are facing challenges in adopting varied career opportunities. Therefore, it is our counsellors who will help give you a new dimension in reaching your predicted goals programmed by our progressive and innovative team.


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